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Laurel Plains PTA?

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PTA Executive Board


Dallas Higgins and Amy Froio


Michelle Montenegro


Lisa Fitzgerald

Fundraising Co-Chairs

Dara Pescatore
Christine Reynolds

Evening Program Co-Chairs

Erin Marks
Kristin Guinan

Cultural Arts Co-Chairs

Dina Lopez
Ashley Chippa

5th Grade Co-Chairs

Jackie Camilo
Erika Moschetti

Supporting Committees

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PTA Council Rep

Becky Balvi

Book Fair Chair

Renee Bosma

Membership Chair

Jaime Kopelman

Class Parent Rep

Maggie Donnary


Kendra Mendez
Erika Moschetti

Kindergarten Orientation Chair

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Scholarship Committee

Janice Oakley
Kristen Ohle-Karl
Stacey Johnson

Event Photographer

Lisa Fitzgerald

Social Media Co-Chairs

Dallas Higgins
Erika Moschetti

Staff Appreciation Chair

Lindsay Richmond
Jill Bekiaris


Jen Grimaldi
Amanda Kean
Jamie Sussman

Field Day

Kristin Guinan
Jennifer Addeo

School Store Chairs

Becky Balvi
Karina Rivera

Publishing Center Chair

Lisa Rameau
Gony Cody

School Photo Chair

Kristin Guinan

Drama Club

Stacey Johnson
Amanda Keane